Driving with Suspended Driver License Walnut Creek CA

Driving on a Suspended License charge can cause significant problems. Apart from possibly doing jail time you can suffer adverse consequences to your driver’s license such as a further suspension or revocation. If you have suffered a prior license suspension check with the DMV before you begin driving again to make sure your license has been reinstated.

If this is not the first time you are facing a charge of driving on a suspended license the amount of jail time you may have to submit to could be greater. There are multiple sections controlling the law regarding driving on a suspended license. Generally on a first conviction there is either no mandatory minimum jail time or a minimum sanction of either five or ten days – it all depends on which code section you allegedly violated. Regardless of the amount of time you are facing or the number or prior offenses you have committed an experienced attorney is important to make sure your rights are protected and all defenses are considered.

Thomas Daly Law can help you with these charges. There are defenses to this charge such as a failure to give you notice of the suspension or the inability of the DA to prove driving. There are also alternative charges that can sometimes be used to reduce the charge to something lesser. For a free consultation regarding your case and the possibilities of defense or reduction call (925) 338-7517

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