Drunk in Public Walnut Creek CA

Being ‘drunk in public’ is generally observed as a petty offense. To commit this crime one of two things must occur. You must either be so drunk that you are unable to exercise care for your own safety or the safety of others or so drunk that you are blocking the street, sidewalk, or other public way.

The maximum sentence for this crime is a $1000 fine and/or 6 months in county jail. Generally, a sentence will be: informal probation, fine and fees, community service, go to AA meetings, and stay away from the place you were found to be drinking at. Having to serve jail time for this offense is fairly uncommon, especially for a first offense.

Thomas Daly has lots of experience representing those charged with being drunk in public. There are a number of defenses to this charge and a number of ways to have the case dismissed. To get Thomas to help in your case and give you a free consultation please call (925) 338-7517

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