Hit & Run Driving Walnut Creek CA

A hit & run can be a very serious crime and can be charged as a felony if an accident resulted in death or injury to a person. Most of the time a hit & run charge will be a misdemeanor and often occurs from a minor accident with a parked car where no note was left.

The misdemeanor charge of hit & run carries a maximum of 6 months in county jail and a fine of $1000. Rarely is this maximum sentence given. Most of the time, these cases resolve with informal probation, fines, community service, and restitution to fix the damaged property. It is not common for jail time to be ordered in this type of case.

Thomas Daly Law can represent you through these cases. Thomas has been able to settle these cases out of court so that they do not end up in conviction. Generally, the owner of the damaged property just wants money to fix it and then they will agree to a dismissal of the criminal case. It is not advised to seek out the other party and start talking to them about the accident because you may admit fault which could be used against you in court. Instead, allow an attorney or their investigator to contact the other person. Thomas has used this technique over and over again to have cases dismissed for his clients. For a free consultation and to discuss this technique and other potential defenses call (925) 338-7517

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